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Understanding New Requirements of the Standard IEC 60079-11: 2023 Ed. 7

IEC 60079-11, Equipment protection by Intrinsic Safety ("i") is the Standard that specifies the design, construction and testing...
Control Drawing

The Use of a Control Drawing for an Intrinsically Safe System 

The Role of a Control Drawing A Control Drawing plays an important role in the  safe installation, operation,...

Interchangeable Installations of Class/division vs Zone System-certified Products in Gas Explosive Hazardous Locations

Manufacturers of electrical equipment seeking North American certification may choose either Class/division marking or Zone marking. The Zone...

Update to CSA Standard No. 30: 2020 (Class I, Division 1)

CSA Standard C22.2 No. 30, which relates to explosion-proof electrical equipment, was recently updated. The newest edition, CSA...

Can the Temperature Code of an Electrical Device exceed the AIT of the representative gas in a hazardous location?

Electrical equipment generates heat when in use and hot surfaces can ignite explosive atmospheres.  It is therefore especially...

Certifying “Ex” Products for Use in the UK (UKCA mark)

What was the impact of Brexit on electrical product markings in the UK? Because the UK recently left...

Understanding the Differences Between the Protection Technique Known as” Explosionproof” or “Flameproof “

Some electrical devices, even when operating under normal conditions, can produce arcing and/or sparking.  If such a device...

Preventing Gas Explosions

We are all aware of the destruction that can be caused by gas explosions, so we need to...

Getting a Class I, Division 1 Marking for Hazardous Locations in North America

Hazardous locations” are those in which there is or may be an ignitable concentration of flammable gas (including...

Getting Zone and Class/division Markings in North America for IECEx Certified Products

IECEx is the only certification system available globally for equipment used in explosive atmospheres. Although IECEx certification is...

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