Consulting Services
for Hazardous Locations

We provide a full suite of services in the areas of equipment design, safety evaluation, certification approval, and system integration.

We help you achieve and maintain compliance and certification.

We can serve as a liaison between your company and the approval agency, recognizing that faster product approval contributes to company success in the global marketplace

At Hazcon Inc., we bridge the gap between manufacturers of products for hazardous locations and approval agencies worldwide. We take pride in our experience working in a certification agency, interacting with global manufacturing companies and at the forefront of the compliance and approval processes in Canada, the US and internationally.

We believe in a proactive approach and encourage you to engage our consulting services when your product is still in the development stage. This reduces unnecessary and costly design and production expenses.

Why work with Hazcon?

We have the experience and knowledge that will help you through the certification approval process.

We can help you speed up the process as you prepare proposals, anticipate certification requirements, conduct construction, and design reviews & gap analysis assessments, prepare risk and hazard assessment reports, prepare and complete checklists, create scheduled drawings, determine a test plan, and anticipate the need to prepare samples.

  • We can help you achieve certification quickly and maintain it efficiently in the least expensive way. If you already have a product and are unsure if it meets certification requirements, we can help

  • If you have a current certificate for your product with a recognized certification agency, we can help you update and maintain your certificate efficiently

Specializing in Ex equipment for hazardous locations & explosive atmospheres.

We offer customized, professional, and integrated services for experienced or first-time product manufacturers alike. We specialize in all methods of protection, installation requirements and global certification procedures for IECEx, ATEX and North American Certifications.

This includes the following Codes and Directives:

  • Code of Practice (NEC & CEC & IEC 60079-14)
  • ATEX Directive & IECEx Operational Documents

and the following protection methods:

  • Intrinsic Safety & Non-incendive
  • Non-arcing & Increased Safety
  • Explosion Proof/Flame-proof
  • Dust - Protection by Enclosure
  • Purging & Pressurization
  • Protection by Encapsulation
  • Optical Radiation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need consulting services for hazardous locations? Here are some questions you may have:

One of the main challenges is that manufacturers and certification agencies often do not “speak the same language”, because manufacturers are unfamiliar with the requirements of Standards and other rules and Regulations.

At Hazcon Inc, we have deep technical knowledge of the complex, global certification process and its requirements as well as experience interpreting Standards, Codes and Regulations. We can help you achieve certification by helping you design your products in compliance with Standards and help you prepare your samples for the testing. This could save you a lot of time and avoid rejection or delay in the certification process.

Depending on the end-use country or region for your products, you will need different or even multiple certifications. For instance, products to be used in hazardous locations in EU countries need to have an ATEX Certificate. Read our technical articles to learn more.

The more certifications you obtain, the more locations there are in which you may market your product. The pursuit of multiple certifications could make the entire application process more complex. But a manufacturer can save time and money when they combine their certification applications at the same time. Read our technical articles “Benefits of Multiple Certifications for Hazloc Products” to learn more.

Markings achieved as a result of certification are included on the device’s nameplate and are used whenever you market your product. The end-users of your products can check the name-plate and also the certificate issued by the agency to ensure that the product is certified and the certification is still valid.

This task requires an assessment to determine the best suitable protection technique for your product. Product type, and the end-used classified area are critical. Try our Hazcon 100, 200 and 300 apps to learn more.

Simply complete the form on our website to initiate a request. Our team will contact you shortly and suggest a 30 minute introductory call to get details about your product. We will them determine the scope of your project and all the steps needed to get your certification.

Please visit our Hazloc Directory website, subscribe to our newsletter and join our HazLoc community.  Our notification system will inform you about Standards updates.

A gap analysis assessment is required to determine the impact of the changes of the new Standard(s) on your product. Additional testing or engineering assessments may be required to demonstrate compliance with the latest edition of the Standard. We can help determine all these requirements before you approach the certifying body.  

Because certifying bodies conduct testing and evaluation based on similar Standards, it should not matter which agency you work with - as long as you are well-prepared in advance. Hazcon can work with  you and talk with the agency on  your behalf to help the process move faster.

Check out our technical articles! We also have a wide range of technical blogs. And try our Hazcon 100, 200 and 300 apps.

If you are interested in a specific topic and you can’t find it in our library, let us know.  We will be happy to create a technical blog that addresses your question.

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