Intrinsic SafetyExplosion ProofIncreased SafetyNon-ArcingNon-Incendive

Specializing in the design, safety & approval of electrical equipment for hazardous locations.


At Hazcon Inc., we bridge the gap between manufacturers of products for hazardous locations and approval agencies worldwide. We take pride in our experience working in a certification agency, interacting with global manufacturing companies and at the forefront of the compliance and approval processes in Canada, the USA and internationally.

It is in your best interest to:

  • Move your products quickly through the design, testing, approval and production stages
  • Eliminate re-doing products to specs
  • Ensure your products always comply with the latest technical guidelines and standards
  • Maintain your certifications efficiently and in the least expensive way

We believe in a proactive approach and encourage you to engage our consulting services when your product is still in the development stage. This reduces unnecessary and costly design and production expenses.

If you already have a product and are unsure if it meets certification requirements, we can help by assessing compliance with the requirements for hazardous locations Standards applicable to your product and the location(s) in which you will sell it.

If you have a current certificate for your product with any recognized certification agency, we can help you maintain your certificate efficiently, so that your product always complies with the latest technical requirements. We can also help you explore additional certification options for the global marketplace.


At Hazcon Inc., we have the experience and knowledge that will help you through the certification approval process.

We can help you speed up the process as you prepare proposals, anticipate certification requirements, conduct construction and design reviews & gap analysis assessments, prepare risk and hazard assessment reports, prepare and complete checklists, create scheduled drawings, determine a test plan and anticipate the need to create samples.

Once you have obtained certification, we can continue to support you. We will answer the questions that you and your customers have about certification, installation requirements, the Code of Patrice and safety procedures. We will maintain your certification efficiently and in the least expensive way.

We can help you achieve certification quickly and efficiently.


We can serve as a liaison between your company and the approval agency, recognizing that faster product approval contributes to company success in the global marketplace.

We can help you anticipate and prepare to meet the certification requirements by:

  • Helping you understand the start-up and quotation process
  • Preparing a proposal document for the quotation process, which contains only the information required and in enough detail that you can quickly obtain an accurate quote
  • Ensuring that your product meets certification requirements before you make any submissions to certification agencies for global certification including IECEx (International Certification), ATEX (Europe certification) & North American certification (Canada & the USA)
  • Preparing & completing applicable checklists which help certification agencies understand your product and be assured that your product complies with their standards
  • Assisting in preparation of scheduled drawings for certification approval based on international schemes (separate from manufacturing drawings)
  • Determining a test plan, including preparing the required number of samples (so you will be ready when the certification agency requests them)
  • Protecting your interests in all technical discussions during the certification approval process with certification agencies until you receive your certificate


We offer customized, professional, and integrated services for experienced or first-time product manufacturers alike.  We specialize in all methods of protection, installation requirements and global certification procedures for:

the following certifications:

  • IECEx
  • ATEX
  • North American,

the following Codes and Directives:

  • Code of Practice (NEC & CEC & IEC 60079-14)
  • ATEX Directive & IECEx Operational Documents,

and the following protection methods:

  • Intrinsic Safety & Non-incentive
  • Non-arcing & Increased Safety
  • Explosion Proof/Flame-Proof
  • Dust - Protection by Enclosure
  • Purging & Pressurization
  • Protection by Encapsulation
  • Optical Radiation

We specialize in Ex equipment for hazardous locations & explosive atmospheres.


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