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Specializing in the design, safety & approval of electrical equipment for hazardous locations.

We are Leaders in Hazardous Locations Consulting.

Established in 2019, Hazcon has quickly become a preeminent leader in consulting services for manufacturers of electrical equipment for hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres. Specializing in the design, safety & approval of electrical equipment for hazardous locations, Hazcon’s primary focus is quality work and guaranteed results.

Our primary focus is help manufacturers prepare for all phases of certification of these products - from product design, approval and installation to certification maintenance.

Certification by an impartial third-party or certification agency is an attestation that relevant safety and performance standards have been met. Certification is a requirement for manufacturers wanting their electrical products to be approved for use.

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We'll work with you to reduce the time and cost of certification!

Depending on the end-use country, manufacturers of equipment will likely be regulated by various certification agencies and national regulations that govern the product approval process, and potentially cause delays in the release and shipment of your product. An efficient process can take between 2 to 4 months. An ill prepared or unprepared application can easily extend the process to a whole year with double the cost.

Three main causes of failure, delay and excess cost are:

  • Insufficient information during the project start up phase
  • Absence of clear direction to move forward
  • Manufacturers and certification agencies often not “speaking the same language”

Hazcon Can Help You To:

  • Move your products quickly through the design, testing, approval and production stages

  • Eliminate redesigning products because of certification requirements

  • Ensure your products always comply with the latest Technical Guidelines/Standards, Codes, and Directives

  • Maintain your certifications efficiently and in the least expensive way

Hazcon Brings:

  • Deep technical knowledge

  • Familiarity with the complex, global certification process and its requirements

  • Experience interpreting Standards, Codes and Regulations

  • A bridge between you and certification agencies worldwide

  • A pro-active, step-by-step approach to navigate the complexities of your equipment design

The key to successful certification applications is being fully prepared before starting your certification projects.

Our Mission

We assist manufacturers to:

  • Understand the impact of hazardous locations on product design, installation, use and maintenance
  • Anticipate and prepare for North American and international certification of hazardous location (hazloc) products
  • Achieve certification quickly and efficiently to get new products into the desired marketplaces
  • Avoid unnecessary delays and expenses during the certification process


  • Sharing our extensive engineering knowledge and considerable certification expertise
  • Providing support at each stage of the certification process
  • Operating honestly, transparently, and proactively
  • Helping manufacturers make informed decisions
  • Providing key meetings and checkpoints to meet deadlines
  • Providing incremental deliverables towards project completion and full compliance
  • Facilitating interactions with certification agencies
  • Educating hazloc design, manufacturing, and quality assurance teams

Hazcon is a consulting firm with a proven track record of delivering reliable, quality results quickly. We are looking to be your number one choice. By working with you and sharing our considerable experience and expertise, we can help you achieve successful outcomes in the shortest and least expensive way possible. We welcome an opportunity to work with you to prepare your products for the global marketplace.

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