Complex Equipment Assemblies

We will help you prepare for the certification of your equipment assembly for use in hazardous locations.

equipement assemblies in hazardous areas

Engineering Evaluation and Assessment of Complex Equipment Assemblies in Hazardous Areas

Given advances in technology, electrical equipment is often combined into more complicated and complex assemblies of already certified items.

“Equipment assemblies” are defined in Clause 3.1 of IEC 60079-46 as a “pre-manufactured combination of Ex Equipment, together with other parts as necessary, that are electrically or mechanically interconnected that are pre-assembled prior to being placed into service at the end-user site, and that can be disassembled and then re-assembled at the end-user site”.

An example might be a skid of individually, already certified Ex-equipment and/or Ex-components connected with each other as a unit to meet the function of this assembly.

We provide engineering evaluations and assessments on equipment assemblies as follows:

  • Performing an Ignition Hazard Assessment to identify all ignition hazards related to both non-electrical and electrical risks that might be caused by the makeup of the assembly
  • Helping you find the correct Ex component/ equipment for your equipment assembly
  • Verification of cables and wiring between the Ex-component/ equipment within the assembly to ensure they comply with installation Code (NEC, CE Code or CEC, IEC 60079-14)
  • Verification of conditions related to safe use, including any Schedules of Limitations of Certificates to ensure they are addressed and satisfied
  • Determination of an overall T rating (temperature class) for equipment assemblies based on the lowest temperature class of the components or equipment
  • Determination of an overall Gas group (or dust group) for the entire assembly, based on the least dangerous gas group present
  • Determination of the Equipment Protection Level (EPL) based on the strictest requirement of any of the components
  • Preparation of an assessment report and checklist to demonstrate compliance of the equipment assembly with the relevant safety Standards

We will help you prepare for the certification of your equipment assembly. By working with you and sharing our considerable experience and expertise, we can help you achieve a successful outcome in the shortest and least expensive way possible.

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