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Class/ Division and Zone Ex Markings for Hazardous Locations in North America

Electrical equipment must carry the official mark or label of an accredited certifying agency, which indicates that the...

Certifications of North American Products for Dust Explosive Atmospheres

What is a “Dust Explosive Atmosphere”? Dust explosive atmospheres are locations that are hazardous due to the presence...

The Need for IECEx, ATEX and North American Certifications of Non-electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres

It is well known that electrical equipment that is to be installed where there is a source of...

ATEX Certification and CE Marking for Ex-Products

What is the ATEX Directive? ATEX is an acronym for ATmosphères EXplosibles, a regulatory framework for the manufacture,...

Getting an IECEx Equipment Certificate of Conformity (IECEx CoC)

Based on the Zone system of classification, IECEx Certification is one part of the IEC system available to...

Getting IECEx Zone 2 Certified Products into the North American Market

Electrical equipment to be used in a hazardous location (“Ex”) must be designed so that there are no...

Should an Ex nA marking on your product be changed to Ex ec?

When Standards change, manufacturers should be aware of the changes and should update their certifications accordingly.  A relatively...

Grounding of Metal Explosion-proof & Dust-tight Enclosures in Hazardous Areas

Grounding or earthing is necessary for electrical safety in non-hazardous locations as well as in hazardous locations. Grounding...

Hazloc Certification Acronyms

Certification by an impartial third-party or certification agency is an attestation that relevant safety and performance standards have...

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