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Class-division and Zone markings

Class-Division VS Zone Markings

Sometimes we need to construct, purchase, or install electrical equipment in a hazardous location where there is a...
The Importance of Grounding in Zener Barriers

The Importance of Grounding in an Intrinsically Safe System Using Zener Barriers

Zener barriers, also referred to as “shunt diode safety barriers,” are safety barriers used in intrinsic safety systems...

North American Certification Process

Are you a manufacturer of electrical devices such as AC & DC electrical machines or generators, electrically operated...

Dust Explosive Atmospheres

Dust explosive atmospheres are locations that are hazardous due to the presence of combustible dusts. Small combustible dust...

Pressure Piling

You may have heard of the phenomenon called “pressure piling”, which adds to the severity of an explosion....

Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic safety is one of the safest ways to ensure that an electrical device installed in a hazardous...

Interpreting Hazardous Locations Markings for IECEx equipment

The marking of hazardous location electrical equipment known as Ex equipment may seem complex and confusing. Markings are...

Temperature Class VS AIT

Electrical equipment generates heat when in use and hot surfaces can ignite explosive atmospheres. It is therefore especially...

IECEx International Certification System

IECEx certification is an internationally recognized certification that facilitates international trade in equipment and services for safe use...

Hazardous Locations Protection Techniques for Electrical Equipment

We are all aware of the destruction that can be caused by gas explosions, so we need to...

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