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Interchangeable Installations of Class/division vs Zone System-certified Products in Gas Explosive Hazardous Locations

Manufacturers of electrical equipment seeking North American certification may choose either Class/division marking or Zone marking. The Zone ...
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Can the Temperature Code of an Electrical Device exceed the AIT of the representative gas in a hazardous location?

Electrical equipment generates heat when in use and hot surfaces can ignite explosive atmospheres.  It is therefore especially ...
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Equipment Assemblies in Hazardous Areas!

“Equipment assemblies” are defined in Clause 3.1 of IEC 60079-46 as a “pre-manufactured combination of Ex Equipment, together ...
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Class/ Division and Zone Ex Markings for Hazardous Locations in North America

Electrical equipment must carry the official mark or label of an accredited certifying agency, which indicates that the ...
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Certifications of North American Products for Dust Explosive Atmospheres

What is a “Dust Explosive Atmosphere”? Dust explosive atmospheres are locations that are hazardous due to the presence ...
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Should an Ex nA marking on your product be changed to Ex ec?

When Standards change, manufacturers should be aware of the changes and should update their certifications accordingly.  A relatively ...
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